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Citigold Private Client Insurance Solutions

Customised financial planning and management solutions to help you protect what matters most


Lifelong is a flexible life insurance plan which bridges the financial gaps arising out of unfortunate events such as death or diagnosis of critical illnesses. You can choose to customize a premium paying term of 7 years & above with the insurance plan benefits extending up to the age 95.

  • Pays a lumpsum insurance amount to your designated beneficiary in the unfortunate event of your death or disability or diagnosis of one of the covered critical illnesses.
  • Ideal plan for protecting your loved ones against loss of income.
  • Ideal plan for covering yourself and your spouse under one life insurance policy.
  • This insurance plan offers the option for you to invest your premium into a wide range of renowned funds which helps to build policy cash value from 3rd year onwards.


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International Term Assurance

Our International Term Assurance plan helps you ensure that unforeseen circumstances such as the early demise of the earning family member or the diagnosis of any critical ailments of a family member do not impact you financially, and help you maintain your current lifestyle.

This term life insurance plan offers you the choice of a benefit period ranging from 5 years upto 35 years from the time of policy subscription (policy term).

  • Allow your family to clear outstanding debts, if any
  • Provide an adequate income for your dependents to pay for living expenses, school fees, child care and regular bills
  • Protect your business in case of demise of a key person or principal
  • Provide a cash deposit to the estate, which may prevent other assets being sold


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Invest Plus prepares you to save on a regular basis over a medium to long term period. The flexible platform of the product lets you decide how much and in which currency you wish to invest, gives access to your capital by allowing regular withdrawals or partial surrenders. It helps to secure your future through adding optional benefits such as additional life cover, accidental death benefits and waiver of premium benefits.

  • Allows you to select a term from 5 years to 15 years to match your child's age e.g. Parents with child aged 7 years can choose a term of 11 years to have an education corpus ready for higher education when the child turns 18.
  • Flexible mode of payment (Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly)
  • Welcome and Loyalty bonus reward scheme for long-term savings


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Wealth Accumulation Plan

Wealth Accumulation Plan is a simple investment plan wrapped with insurance that helps you grow your wealth at your own pace.

WAP is single premium approach towards investment where you can customize your portfolio matching your risk appetite and market conditions. The portfolio allows you to diversify across different fund houses and allows switching between funds based on your market outlook.

  • High flexibility allowing you to add additional premium increment with surplus cash flow
  • Option to withdraw and partial surrender to finance short term capital requirements
  • Offer wife range of investment funds to match your risk profile
  • Allows you to choose from a wide range of currencies


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Lifestyle Protect

Lifestyle Protect is an optional credit insurance program designed to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that even in unfortunate circumstances, your cover will allow you to take care of your Citi Credit Card dues and also ensure personal expenses are taken care of.

In the unfortunate event of Death or Critical Illness:

  • Coverage of the full Outstanding Balance
  • Payment of three times the average Outstanding Balance for the last three months prior to the date of the covered event to you or your legal heirs

In the unfortunate event of Involuntary Loss of Employment:

  • Coverage of 10% of the Outstanding Balance on your credit card up to 12 months of proven unemployment
  • 5% of the last 3 month's outstanding balance prior to date of loss of employment, paid directly to you up to 12 months of proven unemployment up to a maximum of AED 1,000 per month


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