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2023 Mid-Year Wealth Outlook

2023 Mid-Year Wealth Outlook

Opportunities on the horizon: Investing through a slowing economy

As we describe in this 2023 Mid-Year Outlook, the economic policy “hangover” from the Covid-19 shock, government intervention and subsequent rate hikes still reverberate across the world economy.

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2023 Mid-Year Wealth Outlook

2023 Mid-Year Wealth Outlook

Hear from our CIO

Holding huge cash balances have been shown to be detrimental to long term portfolio returns. As we see expect an economic recovery within 2024, markets will anticipate that recovery well before any recession or slowdown is over.

CIO Perspectives ꟾ Week of March 20<sup>th</sup>, 2023

2023 Mid-Year Wealth Outlook

Currencies seeking returns

Now, we see the USD as having peeked. This turning point creates a series of potential opportunities that are reflected in our updated Strategic Return Estimates for non-US assets.

AI is the next chapter of digitization

2023 Mid-Year Wealth Outlook

AI is the next chapter of digitization

The expected growth in AI suggests significant investment opportunities for companies that facilitate its infrastructure, such as hardware manufacturers and cloud computing vendors.

2023 Mid-Year Wealth Outlook

2023 Mid-Year Wealth Outlook

OPEC’s gift to energy producers

The players leading the charge include major traditional energy companies and energy producing nations that see the green transition as inevitable and profitable. Capital scarcity favors leading firms with strong capital positions.

Global Strategy
Tomorrow’s Markets Won’t Resemble Today’s

Global Strategy ꟾ Quadrant September 2023

Recovery Without the “V”

We see an environment of gradually improving capital returns in 2024 as labor markets slow and “rolling recessions” play out. While this should constrain global growth in 2024, it should also lead to a stronger world economy in 2025. Investors remain confused by this ambiguous environment we call “recovery without the V”.

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