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Money Transfer Services

Your Money on the Move


With Citi online money transfer services manage your money quickly and easily. Whether you want to pay your bills or transfer money anywhere around the world, do so at your convenience with our services.

Our diligently designed suite of online fund transfer solutions lets you manage your payment needs without any hassle. With Citi online money transfer services, enjoy the convenience of easy transfer of funds with just a few taps.


Online Money Transfer Services

At Citi, we value your time and so we strive to curate services that will let you get your work done by utilizing minimum time and effort. Now, you won’t have to step out of your home or squeeze out extra time from your busy schedule to go to a brick-and-mortar store and pay your bills. Instead, you can utilize our services such as Utility Bill Payments, Direct Debit, Foreign Currency Transfers, Standing Instruction Payments, Local AED Transfers, money transfers and more. We have even increased the limit for your daily online transfer request to USD 10,000,000 (or equivalent) to offer more convenience.

Transfers Between Your Accounts

Take full advantage of Citi online money transfer services to transfer funds between your accounts in an instant. What’s more, you can buy and sell funds conveniently too.

Utility Bill Payments

Paying your bills is now easier and convenient with Citi online money transfer services. You can pay your bills and on time at your leisure by using our services.

Standing Instructions

You can now set up your frequent payment needs at your convenience. With Citi’s online money transfer services, you can meet your future payment needs easily and without any hassle.

More Direct Debit

Citi online money transfer services let you simplify your frequent transactions and payments. Utilize our services to set up scheduled money transfers and manage your ongoing payments effortlessly.

Local AED Transfers

Transfer funds locally to your loved ones or friends in the UAE in an instant with Citibank online transfer system. You can even pay your commitments by using our services.

Foreign Currency Transfers

Experience the live competitive FX rates available before confirming your transfer, immediate processing and our user-friendly platform helping you to breeze through it quickly and efficiently.

Citi Global Transfers

Enjoy the convenience of transferring funds from one Citibank personal account to another Citibank personal account around the world in an instant. What’s more, no transfer charges are applied.

FX Order Watch

Set your preferred buy or sell exchange rate, Citi will keep an eye on the market and keep you informed as and when required.

Funds Transfer Guide

Access our quick guide and get all the necessary information that you want regarding the safety and security of doing fund transfers using your Citibank account.

Contact Your Relationship Manager to find out more.

Warning: The actual time to complete a transaction may differ from estimates due to increased scrutiny of transactions by the correspondent bank/financial institution or entity providing financial services to the beneficiary of remittances.