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Citigold is a comprehensive wealth management proposition for affluent individuals that covers banking, investing and lifestyle.

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You must maintain a total relationship balance including cash, deposits and investments of at least USD 200,000 across all your accounts to maintain a Citigold relationship.

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At Citigold, we take pride in providing you with a wide range of world-class wealth management products, designed to help meet your financial needs.

Onshore and offshore banking solutions Wealth products and solutions across Singapore & UAE, managed by a Single Relationship Manager in UAE.

Take advantage of global wealth building opportunities with the help of the Citigold Client Advisory Group - your personal wealth management advisors.

Enjoy a complimentary Citi credit card, preferential pricing on banking transactions, priority service and host of other features.

You keep your existing details. Your bank account number and details stay the same so you can continue banking as usual.

There are no documents to sign, simply top up your account and get the status along with its benefits.

There are no charges to upgrade the account.

Plus a host of other benefits..

  • Earn upgrade and rewards flights with your complimentary Emirates-Citibank Ultimate Credit Card.

  • Dedicated Citigold lounges and Citigold helpline to provide you with best-in-class service

  • A range of market analysis and insights to help you make informed decisions


  • Instant money transfer between Citi accounts worldwide


  • Preferential FX Rates



  • Switch between 8 foreign currencies and save on currency conversion fees with Citibank Global Wallet