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Meet people who have redefined the meaning of wealth across UAE.

Discover the inspiring stories of how they live truly rich lives by their own definitions.
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Ep. 1: It's Game Time

Discover how one man turned his hobby into a livelihood by focusing his time on the things he values the most. Join Moein on the court as he learns Eisa's moves to staying at the top of his game.

Ep. 2: The Sound of Freedom

Liberty's definition of wealth is synonymous with her name. Moein goes on a sensory journey to balance body, mind and spirit and learns about her individual path to self-discovery and freedom.

Ep. 3: An Artful Experience

Drawing attention to issues of the underprivileged, Samar has made a transformative journey from commercial photographer to social advocate. Join Moein as he discovers Samar's perspective on wealth, that is driven by empathy, wisdom, and purpose.

Ep. 4: A Safe Space

Meet the visionary doctor who skilfully crafts safe spaces for healing and self-discovery in the Metaverse. Watch how Dr. Mariam unites art and therapy to enrich her life with a greater purpose.

Ep. 1: It's Game Time

Ep. 2: The Sound of Freedom

Ep. 3: An Artful Experience

Ep. 4: A Safe Space

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