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Citibank customer with an offshore account, investing globally at night

International Personal Banking In UAE

The smart choice for international investors

Experience the luxury and bespoke benefits of personalised offshore banking with Citi by opening an offshore account. We offer services that will let you fulfill your global financial needs. You can access leading markets across the world and equity trading services such as shares, ETFs, and bonds.


Citibank International Banking Services

Citi International Personal Bank is the international investment arm of Citigroup. The International Personal Bank is an appropriate investment option for you if you:

✔ Want a wider range of investment diversification.

✔ Are looking for greater privacy and control of your wealth.

✔ Want to hold a portion of your assets outside of the UAE.

✔ Through the International Personal Bank – Singapore, Citi provides access to offshore investing.

To access this facility clients must hold a minimum balance of US$200,000.

Benefits of Offshore Account

Freedom and security

Offshore investing is ideal if you have global financial needs and are looking for the right platforms to hold your money outside of the country of your residence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find More About Citi International Banking

To find out more about investing with Citi International Personal Bank, and which centre is right for you please click the website link below or visit your local Citibank UAE branch:

To invest in Singapore:

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