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Your Personal Financial Advisory and, Wealth and Portfolio Management

Your Personal Financial
Advisory and Wealth Planning

Designed to support you through your wealth journey.

Building your unique investor profile

Your Relationship Manager and Client Advisory Team build a detailed picture of your short and long-term goals. They understand attitude to different levels of investment risk, as well as your current knowledge and experience of investment products.

Citibank financial advisory team building your unique investor profile

Crafting Your Investment Portfolio Management Strategy

Your Client Advisory Team then converts that understanding into a set of principles to drive your portfolio strategy, and agree these with you.
A shortlist of markets, sectors, asset classess and product type is generated as the basis for a sophisticated, balanced portfolio.

Citibank financial advisory team crafting your strategy

Implementing your strategy

We then select the most appropriate mix of products, ensuring you understand how each one works and the precise role it plays in your portfolio - be that growth, income, or risk diversification.

Investment portfolio P&L increasing after implementing your strategy