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Citibank user getting early credit card fraud warning

Report or Avoid
Credit Card Frauds

Your security is our first priority

Report or Avoid
Credit Card Frauds

Your security is our first priority

As a Citi cardmember, we immensely value the safety and security of your transactions. We constantly strive to improve ways to help safeguard and protect you and your account.

We thoroughly monitor our customers’ accounts that help us track any credit card fraud, malicious activities, or unauthorized usage, much before they come to the customers’ notice. If we detect any unusual activity on your credit card, rest assured that we will always contact you by phone, text, or e-mail to confirm that you are aware of that transaction.


How to Report Credit Card Fraud

If you suspect that your credit card has been used without your permission, you can contact us immediately at +971 4 311 4000. We can then assist you in assessing the risk to your account and determine the appropriate action.

In case you would like to report an unauthorized transaction, download and complete the Transaction Dispute Form from our Download Center and submit it at a Citibank branch within 30 days of the statement date.

Fraud reporting is important. If the extent of the crime committed is intense, then your bank may ask you to file a police report too. You can also escalate the matter to the Central bank.

How to Avoid Credit Card Frauds?

You can avoid credit card fraud in UAE by simply staying vigilant of your card activities and doing the following:

  • Avoid opening email attachments that do not look genuine
  • Never share your PIN number and passwords with anyone
  • Install antivirus software on your laptop or computer to keep them safe from malicious malware
  • Ensure that your browser and software are up to date with the latest bug fixes.


To know more about the safety practices, click here.

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